DSCN2759Whether it’s a change in career or a decision to be closer to family, it doesn’t make the stress of dealing with being in a new area any easier. For most career transitions, you have to temporarily retain your current job responsibilities in your current city as well as take on new ones and find a home in your new city and sell your current one. While you’re working in your new city during the business week, you’re probably living in a hotel room or studio apartment while the rest of your family is finishing school. The new job is a good step professionally, but you’re not very excited about moving to the new city. With so much change coming your way, we want to bring a little familiarity back in your lives. Simplify things. Go above and beyond the average Realtor®.


Janet Sweeney brings more than twelve years experience in all aspects of real estate relocation services, including business development, marketing to and management of Third Party Relocation Companies, management of existing accounts, group move services, coordination of departure and destination referrals, managing inventory and REO properties, negotiating offers, inspections and repairs, agent training and development of department policies.


  • Skilled in relocation chain of command
  • Required relocation documents
  • How to interact with transferees and relocation coordinators
  • Knowledgeable in completing all necessary paperwork
  • Great organizational skills
  • Ability to communicate professionally
  • Business development
  • Marketing to and management of Third Party Relocation Companies
  • Handling logistical and financial aspects
  • Account management
  • Group move services
  • Coordination of departure and destination referrals
  • Managing inventory and REO properties
  • Negotiating offers, inspections and repairs
  • Agent training
  • Development of department policies
  • Corporate mergers, reorganizations, and job promotions

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Janet was referred to us by a friend and she was great! She was always readily available to answer questions which was super helpful in our first home buying experience. We couldn’t be any happier with our new home! –Julianne Bouma


Janet has been a pleasure to work with. She knows Real Estate and can get the job done fast, fair and efficiently! She has amazing patience and will help you to understand the Real Estate industry and its ever changing ways. –Laura Lycans